Dread Pitt

Dread Pitt is a Rotterdam based producer/DJ specialized in producing Trap and HipHop music. Since 2014, he has been a resident DJ at Run The Trap in Rotterdam, where he brought a lot of energy to the party. He has a big variety of Trap productions on his with the support of influencers such as Trap & Bass, Trap Sounds, Trap Wolves, All Things Trap, and many others.

In may 2015, he released his single “Anthem” on Nouveau Riche Music in collaboration with Rotterdam based rapper/MC Don De Baron. This single serves as anthem for the Run The Trap party in Rotterdam. In addition, Dread Pitt has been working with JAMAL on a track called VAI, which is well received in the club. Dread Pitt is constantly working on perfectioning his sound, of which the result is available on his many releases, including Solid EP.

Soundcloud: @dreadpitt

Bookings & inquiries: jelmer@runthetrapevents.com


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